I’m Dan and I set up Represents to showcase the amazing creative talent available in South Africa.

I moved to Cape Town in 2010 and met some super creative technologists who simply aren’t on the outsourcing map like Eastern Europe or India.

What is Represents?

It’s an on online agency for INDEPENDENT digital creatives – content creators, developers, designers etc. – Anyone needed to build an app, website, campaign.

How does it work?

Buyers get to search, filter, find and then connect for free. Talent build a showcase and I support them in finding the right kind of business abroad.

Who Buys?

A typical client would be a marketing agency in the UK (Mainly UK, but worldwide) of around 100 people selling campaigns into their client base. However it’s super varied – A gran in Wisconsin who wants to build an app to measure her husbands snoring is just as catered for.

Do you have quality Talent?

Yes, but this question needs context. What I like is not what you like, and you may have more money and time than me. There are suppliers here to match all budgets and needs but this isn’t Fiverr or PPH – There are no ratings engines, no tie ins to the platform. It’s a simple site creating visibility, transparency and enabling the right connections between the humans behind the scenes.

How do you find talent?

Talent is found via my personal network – the 6 degrees principle. I don’t know everyone personally but I know most, and people within my network have worked with those here.


There are no rules really but play nicely. Especially when things go wrong.  Let me know how it’s going and what you need as Talent or Buyer.

Who am I?

I live between Cape Town and London and have been in digital for 20 years. I started as an engineer and now consult and invest in the space between commercial need and app delivery, mainly with startups. Do I make money from this? Yes of course, I get an admin fee from the listing companies plus a small commission based on the Buyer’s spend. Am I going to get rich from this. No.